Sunday, March 9, 2008

I finally brought out the camera again

Just in time to take some pictures of us quadding with Ma and Pa King. They were so nice to invite us to go with them and their neighbors for a day of sun, shooting, and cows. I'm not a very experienced quadder, so it was an adventure for me (and Josh!) I'm also not used to calling it quadding-whatever happened to four-wheeling? Arizona is weird.

The awesome cows we ran into:

Aw, we're so cute!

Josh and I, Ma and Pa King, and their friend all hanging out by the RV:

Here I am in my awesome hat and sunglasses. Josh looks like he's about to throw up...probably because I drove so fast!

We unfortunately didn't get any pictures of us shooting bottles out of trees, but that was awesome too.

So the moral of this story is that Arizona is sunny and warm right now and everyone else should be jealous that they don't live here.


nomadic gnome said...

It's freezing here. I wore two coats today.
You're a jerk.

yer pa said...

Did you "encounter" the cows, or actually run into them?

Anonymous said...

Good thing you didn't post pictures of the bottles. I don't think I could stomach any pictures of you shooting poor defenseless bottles. What did they ever do to you? Did you properly dispose of the broken glass?

When we lived in Arizona, some brainy person went into the desert and shot, repeatedly, at a saguaro cactus (a felony) until weakened, it fell on him and killed him. Watch for vengeful bottles.

Anonymous said...

Quadding? I think it should be called quadditch, the free-wheeling mototized version of the game played in the Harry Potter series. Even more appropriate when you run your four-wheeler into the ditch.

grandma king said...


Did you tell your friends how you love Kippers and crackers. Maybe Josh was smelling the fishy scent you were exposing him too!

jathan & Heather said...

I am jealous of the warm weather... but we still have another month of snowboarding... now who's jealous? Apparently, not Josh. Loser! :) Come visit us! Heathbar