Saturday, March 15, 2008

Josh and I want to go to Havasupai (?) Falls with some friends this spring.  I called the reservation office today to see if we could make some reservations for a camp site.  And this is the awesome conversation that I had:

Reservation Lady (RL):  Hi, can you hold?
Me:  Sure!  (super friendly and polite, because I have no reason to be upset.  Yet.)

(ten minutes later)

Me:  Hello, Hello??
RL:  Yeah, hi, what was it you wanted?
Me:  I wanted to make a couple reservations for a campsite.  (with some disgust in my voice.  I HATE being put on hold).
RL:  Oh, sorry our office is closed.  You're going to have to call back tomorrow.

What?! Then why did you answer your phone?  And why couldn't you tell me this before I sat on hold for ten minutes?!

Today has been a frustrating day full of frustrating people who annoy me and make my life difficult.  Grrrr. 


The Linthorsts said...

Lars, Its Erin- it took us calling that office probably 15 times before we actually made a reservation. And then when you finally get through, they write down your name and the date and tell you to pay when you get there. Its an absolutely amazing place, but you definitely do have to be patient. I am surprised you got through! It took a few months before I actually spoke to a human... have fun!!!

Marcus, Angie & Ellie said...

ya sorry, i should have warned you! I think there is a chance of a spot for you already, but if you do have the patience to call again...might want to. besides ya, maybe you don't have to actually have a reeservation...i say just show up with us. They didn't even count us or anything last time

jathan & Heather said...

Was the polite voice, your "phone voice"? I can just hear it now :) HA... Love ya girl!

Zach and Whitney said...

UH BUGGY!!! I hate situations like that.

DangGina said...

Hi Laura, it's me, Gina Orgill. I found your blog through a friend's blog. And I have to tell you, I understand what you're saying about being put on hold. Especially with the loverly people at the Havasu reservation office. I'm headed down that direction ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, and me and my friend Cameron were on the phone all day for a day and a half before we finally got through. YUCK. When someone finally picked up, it took me several seconds to realize that it wasn't a recording. Anyway, good luck getting through. (It's a little bit ridiculous that they close their RESERVATION office at 5pm MST.) Keep me posted...

grandma king said...

Lars, we want to go to, but I am afraid you would have to carry Jim and I out on a stretcher. I guess we will stick to 4-wheeling!