Thursday, January 21, 2010

A post NOT about Carden..

I know, what a surprise!

My family has a baking secret and I just discovered it and decided to share it with everyone else. This is for anyone looking to cut out some fat/calories when you're baking. Using applesauce for oil = gross. Instead, use soy lecithin! (the liquid kind) My grandma is apparently addicted to it because she has about a 40 year supply of it. Seriously. Two tablespoons plus 3/4 cup water instead of one cup of oil. It works, I tried it. I'm not sure about the fat in it but i think it's like 4 grams in a tablespoon or so. Now where you buy it I have no idea because all of my Grandma's bottles are about 30 years old. And that's the other thing-it doesn't ever go rancid like oil does. I used it in some pumpkin bars and they turned out great. I'm converted!

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The Oylers said...

Never heard of it, but good to know. BTW way it was so great running into you, and crazy! Carden is so dang cute. Wish we could have talked longer, hopefully we will get together next time you are out this way.