Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Lingo according to Josh

Josh has developed his own vocabulary for all of the baby stuff. It makes me laugh so I had to share some that I can remember right now.

Stroller=Baby Cart (kind of like a shopping cart I guess?)
Car Seat=Baby Seat
Pack and Play=Port-a-Crib (like a port-a-potty?)


Jathan and Heather said...

Port-a-crib... I think that's what it used to be called. My parents call it that anyway. So what does he call a huge blow-out or a giant spit up? :) Good talking with ya the other day. Have you decided yet? I think if I end up leaving Friday, I wouldn't take Gwen... we would spend more time in an airplane for the trip then actually being there :( Love ya!

Sheri King said...

Mike did that too, but it was worse. Spit-up= spidoodle. We still use that term...

A wet wipe= butt wipe (Austin calls it that now)

Stinky baby bum= jungle crotch Now, whenver Austin is smelly he tells us he smells like jungle chachy.