Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finally, I will get some pictures posted from Christmas! Everything has been crazy over here-grandma's house is the family party house, so everyone was over here for the holidays and I feel like I'm still trying to recover! And we've been trying to get our house ready to rent (anyone interested?) so I've been a little busy. Anyway, enough with the boring speech, let's see some pictures of a cute baby with the biggest droopiest cheeks ever!

Here we are modeling our Christmas eve pajamas:

By the way, Carden had two blow-outs and about 15 spit-ups in his pj's before we finally got the picture. I just used wipes to clean it off and then finally yelled at Josh to get out of bed and get in the picture because Carden stunk so bad!

First time opening presents:

Carden got way more presents than I did, lucky duck!

We also had Carden's blessing the Sunday after Christmas. Josh said he was so nervous, but he did a great job! And Carden was an angel of course-he didn't make a sound the entire time, even though I think Josh was hoping he would scream.

My mom made the blessing outfit. Thanks Grammy!

Holy big blues!

Our families after the blessing

And then here's just a few more random ones, just cause he's that cute! I am loving the smiles and the laughs!


The Oylers said...

Oh he is so stinking cute! So how come you are living with your Grandma? Looks like you guys are doing good. Let us know if you are heading up to Manilla anytime soon, we'd love to see you.

Bud & Kim said...

Oh my gosh how adorable! Send me the info on renting your house. I may have some friends who are interested. By the way, Bud is still planning to come look at the sink. He ended up having to work on Friday.

Marcus, Angie & Bug said...

ahhh! so cute! i like the pic of him in his blessng outfit. so excited to see you in only like 4 days! yaya!

DeeAura said...

Seriously, if I ever see Caden in that little striped outfit in person, you might have one less baby. :) At least for a few hours...

nomadic gnome said...

he's so cute, larsiepoo!
i can't believe how big he is already. and cannot wait to meet him soon!

Knapp Time said...

Josh, I look at your cute little baby and there is something about him that remind me of you, but when I look at every feature its all lars.... go figure.