Thursday, November 15, 2007

I've been tagged

By a Gnome in DC. So here are seven random things about myself.

1. I never remember to close drawers or cupboard doors. You can trace my steps throughout our apartment based on which doors are left open. I lived in one house that had tons of drawers in my bedroom dresser. Twelve at least and they were all open, all the time.

2. I have to read a book in it's entirety the day that I start it. I can't sleep until it's finished. Even book seven of Harry Potter was finished within hours.

3. Cereal is my favorite food. Every kind of cereal. I eat it every morning for breakfast (unless it's fast Sunday) and most days I have it for dinner as well. Right now I'm hooked on Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds.

4. I've never seen Goonies or Monte Python and the Holy Grail (?). Apparently this is unusual, judging by the reactions I get when I share this information.

5. My favorite after-work activity is checking the mail.

6. I like to recycle and I'm making my husband learn to like it as well. Why? Because I LIKE NATURE :)

7. I have the cutest feet. Ever. Just ask Gnomie and Josh. Gnomie used to get so jealous she couldn't even look at them. True story.


Julia said...

I never thought your feet were anything special.

I think the can't-remember-to-close-doors thing is genetic. :)

jathan & Heather said...

How can a person that absolutely hates feet, love their own? isn't that hypocritical or something? and sorry sister, feet are not "cute". when I think of feet, I think: weird looking, smelly and people always keep their toenails too long. high-five on the recycling though :) Heathbar-

Mom said...

Happy 1/2 anniversary today. We are thinking of you on this 1/2 day. I want you to know that we love your little car. I keep referring to it as Laura's car and Dad keeps saying that we bought it and it is not Laura's car any more. So I say then Mam. I tell him all the time I feel like a teenager again driving around in mother's Vega in the 70's. It remind me so much of her Vega. Anyway, happy 1/2 anniversary. Mom Lucille

Dad said...

Your feet obviously come from my side of the family.