Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to school

Except for this time I get paid to go. I've accepted a job working in schools and will no longer have my Fridays off (sniff, cry, sob) but I will get spring break. Wahoo! It's going to be weird working in an elementary school. I'm already excited to see what they have for school lunch, cause here in the big city, you actually get CHOICES. We didn't have that in Manila.

The reasons I'm leaving my job (the edited version):

1. Right now I have to work with adults instead of just kids. The adults I see are very sad. I recently evaluated a patient who had just sustained a neck injury from a fall. Completely paralyzed. He can move his eyes and blink and that's basically it. The worst part about it? Minimal to no brain damage. So he is completely aware of everything going on around him and he cries every time I work with him. It makes me want to cry with him. I like working with kids where you can see progress.

2. I'm tired of feeling like an incompetent clinician. I have no other therapists to consult with when I get challenging kids and have no idea what to do with them. So I just wing it and feel like an idiot, especially when their parents are watching me. I feel great about myself and my job 90% of the time (when I'm working with kids), but that other 10% really bothers me.

And two other reasons that I decided to delete just in case someone I don't want to find my blog reads this.

At my new job, I already know my boss is nice. And I will be given a list phone numbers for several other therapists. And I will only work with kids. And they will be cute and fun. See? It's better already.


jathan & Heather said...

felicidades Larsbiana. ojala te guste. Heath dice que trabajes con ella, en la misma escuela. que dices? Heath... bromas

Therese said...

Well said.