Sunday, November 4, 2007

Arizona State Fair

Before the State Fair, it was time for yet another ASU football game. Lucky for me, this was not a home game, so we went over to a friend's house to watch the Sundevils lose to the Oregon Ducks. A very sad night for ASU. But the Oregon fans weren't sad:

Even though he was sad about the game, Josh managed to not talk about it the entire night and still had fun at the state fair. I haven't been to a fair for years and I can't believe how nothing has changed.

There are still the biggest animals ever:

The demolition derby:

The knock-over-the-bottles game:

(Josh came so close to winning. Everyone was cheering for him, but there was one that just would not fall down.)

And finally, the classic Skee Ball. I'm no better at this game than I was when I was twelve:

Even though the fair is in the middle of a huge city, I was happy to see plenty of mullets, suspenders, and wrangler butts. What a great State Fair. The only thing missing was me winning purple ribbons for my lamb, my cookies, and my home-sewn dress.


jathan & Heather said...

Quack Quack!!! Go Ducks. JR and Becky sure do look great in that green. Looks like Josh couldnt even take his eyes off the tv to look for the picture. Heath wants to know if you turned and looked around after you tossed that ball...? she says you know what she means. Your lamb, cookies, and a home-sewn dress? Oh Manila. Jay

Lars said...

I don't know what Heath is talking about...And Manila is awesome!! Too bad you've never been there to see for yourself!