Sunday, June 24, 2007

So Josh is basically the luckiest husband I know. Not only did he get to spend a weekend in the mountains in Greer, Arizona, he got to spend it with me and seven other girls. With no other guys at all. He's so happy he's now part of my family filled with girls :) Every year, my family goes up to our cabin for a couple of weeks. Usually the guys will come up on the weekends to fish, 4-wheel, etc, but none of them could make it this year. But I made Josh go anyway, so he could see where I spent all my summers growing up.

We started off by fishing in the pond which is stocked with so many trout, that the fish will pretty much eat your pole-no bait necessary. Here I am, catching my first fish since high school (I think this is pretty much the ugliest face I have ever made. Ever.):

We had a bet that whoever caught the last fish had to gut all of them, so I was so happy that I beat Josh. Except no one would take my fish over to the holding tank for me. So that meant I had to touch a fish for the first time in my life. Here I am, trying to get the courage to grab the thing:

Rather than touch it with my hands, I decided that kicking it might be a little easier:

I was in the process of moving it with my feet, when Josh FINALLY caught his fish:

He threatened to make me gut all the fish if I didn't hurry up, which finally got me to use my hands. Here I am, running to get rid of this fish. I don't know why I ran like this:

While I was helping my mom catch her first fish EVER,

Josh decided to catch and eat the grossest crawdad I've ever laid eyes on:

Here's Josh with his possie of women after a successful fishing trip:

We decided to follow tradition and let Grandma gut all the fish, while we sat around making faces like this:

And my cousin Cara decided to feed Juleen a fish:

Then she decided to eat it herself:

After fishing, we decided to try out the tree swing,

Then the round swing, (the picture is blurry cause we were going SO FAST!!)

And finally: The cable car!!

Wahoo!! Seriously, who needs Lagoon when you have Greer? Sorry Heathbar :)


jathan & Heath said...

first the craft cheese... now lagoon. how are we even friends? heathbar

nomadic gnome said...

I can't believe you kicked a fish.

Lars said...
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Lars said...

You know heathbar, I wonder that all the time...jkjk

Jake Oyler said...

Hey I found your blog on Heaths xanga. And I am so glad, you and Josh are seriously so cute! I am so happy for you guys. It was so fun to see wedding pics, since I couldn't be there. I will keep checking on you guys it really helps to feel like we are still in touch. Anyways, looks like things are going good. Laters....Hannah

Iggy Enigma said...

how fun! i didn't really realize places like that existed west of the mississippi. i guess i've seen too much desert when i've visited.