Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More from the wedding

I finally got around to putting the group pictures up. Sorry it took so long, mom :)

Mi familia with their sunglasses :)

Josh's family

Why are we all kissing Julie?

Hot stuff!

Now for some pics that everyone took at the reception. The disposable cameras were a great idea-probably my favorite. I highly recommend it to all my single friends!

again-kissing Julie!

Yeah, so we STILL haven't managed to get all that crap off Josh's car!
Josh picking my nose?
Dawsie lookin so cute


nomadic gnome said...

These are some of my favorite pictures. Favorite. Ever. That I've ever seen. I love all the sunny group pics, especially where you and Josh are suckin face.

Those disposible pics came out so well! And I totally don't remember getting so much action during my Utah trip. Not at your wedding atleast...

Lars said...

They are definitely my favorite pics as well. I heart them so much! So seriously the cameras were the greatest idea ever-and it was Josh's idea! (His one contribution to the wedding hehe jk)

nomadic gnome said...

Oh, I also think from now on you should follow the trend of your last two posts and always include a silly picture of dawes. I'm sure between the three of us we have a years supply.

jathan & Heath said...

WOW! jaylo and dawes are NATURALS at the posing sexy. I agree with Julz about the trend... I have a plethora of silly pictures of dawes. heath-