Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Wedding!!

The wedding pictures are here!! Well, most of them anyway. I'm still waiting on the CD with all of the group pictures, so I'll have to put those up later.

Leaving the temple

It was so windy!

My handsome husband!

Cutting the cake

Josh shoved the cake all over my face!

It was so fun to see all our friends at the reception

My new neices and nephews!

Mi madre and sisters

The Oppermanns! My cute kids!
I'll put all of the other pics up when I get them. And if anyone took pictures at the reception-I want copies!!


Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. Jim and I cannot wait to get the disk! I am really sorry I missed the cake on the face. I know you were hoping for a show down!! It looks like Josh won! I did hear the claps and laughter.

nomadic gnome said...

That windy veil photo looks staged...did you put starch in that thing?

I love that Dawes is holding the vase of flowers. What a guy. That was such a fun reception!

Congrats to the Kings!

jathan & Heath said...

I was laughing at that picture too. Dawes was complaining about that vase the whole time, until he finally moved it to the ground. too funny. How's the new microwave? :)

Lars said...

Yeah I saw the vase on the floor and was going to come yell at you guys. Shoulda known it was Dawsie. And the OLD microwave is treating us great. The new one went back to Walmart!!