Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tanner turned 2! (in October)

We were at the cabin that weekend, so decided to celebrate his birthday there with Grammy and Grandpa and Aunts Julia and Karin.  Tanner wasn't so sure about this birthday thing, but he did know that he liked birthday candles.  So we lit them and sang the birthday song again and again.  May 5 or 6 times is all.  He had a great time.  

watching movies in the cold, cold cabin

 David digging in the dirt

A few things about Tanner:

34 inches, 24 lbs,

He talks just like Carden, not putting the first sound on words.  But he also doesn't but the last sound on words either.  Yes, it's very fun to understand him.  for example:

/ai/= slide, hi, light
/oo/= food, shoes, room

He LOVES mum-mums.  (Code for motorcyles) He plays with them and watches them on the ipad as much as he can get away with.

He doesn't really like toys-he prefers running around like a crazy pants to playing with anything

He doesn't like movies or shows.  I never thought I would have a boy who didn't like the Cars movies. But he has no interest and doesn't carry any of the figures around either.  He prefers to watch real life-videos of the family, motocross racing, etc.

He stopped napping around 20 months.

So basically. No shows + no naps = a very fun 2 year old and a very happy mommy (insert sarcasm font here).

He doesn't like to be told no.  To get around this he's figured out a way to get everyone to think he's cute and give him what he wants.  First he asks, then when he's told no, he throws his fit and walks away.  A couple minutes later he'll come back and whisper to you whatever it is that he wants.  IT's hard to describe it, but it's the cutest thing ever.  So I end up laughing at him and then he gets what he wants.

He still doesn't like food.  He eats enough to survive and that's about it.  He's never liked food really, even as a baby he refused sweet potatoes, pears, bananas.  He'll eat bananas now, but sweet potatoes are still off the list.

He does love tortillas and yogurt though.  That's a healthy diet, right?

Have I mentioned how much he loves motorcycles?  4-wheelers are a close second.

He loves to blow raspberries all the time.  It makes his brothers so mad, but I just tell them he's making motorcycle sounds, he doesn't mean to spit.

Cutest, happiest kid ever! We love our Tan-Tan.

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