Saturday, December 26, 2015

Carden turned six! (in September!)

Carden had a couple of small parties, one with family and a couple neighborhood friends at our house, and then one with some good friends at Peter Piper.  He had a blast both times. 


He kept on playing this fishing game with his friend Logan.  A couple of times they hit the "jackpot" on it and got tons of tickets.  So the ended up getting a bunch of random prizes that night.  Carden said it was the best night ever and he can't wait to go back.

Tanner kept on running away from us and then would come back with a piece of candy every time. He also came back with some tickets.  We never found out where he got them from.  Here he is with his mouth full of candy.

Carden and Logan by the ticket machine

A few things about Carden:

He's loving school so far.  It was a hard adjustment at first and we had some tantrums in the evening because he was so tired.  He adjusted quickly though and the tantrums stopped and he it's nothing but good about school.

He's learning lots of spanish.

He had a crush on a girl named Piper.  It sounds like she kisses a couple of the other boys though, so I told him to not get his hopes up :) Oh kindergarten.

He's learning multiplication and division in Math.  His teacher said he will spend 3 hours some days doing math activities.  I hear him counting numbers to himself all day long.

He can read.

His handwriting on the other hand, is like his Mom's.  or his Dad's.  He was not blessed with the good handwriting gene.

He came home one day and said, "why does everyone think I like superheros? Or cars? I like trucks mom!"  He still loves construction trucks, apparently.  Since it was time to get him warm clothes for winter, I made sure to get him lots of truck shirts and that made him a happy kid.

He is the "big brother" of the classroom.  Always helping everyone.  He was also given the responsibility of feeding the fish or assigning someone to feed the fish everyday this year.

His favorite food is beans and rice, but he also loves chicken and broccoli over rice, and pizza. Cheese and lettuce are still on the "disgusting" list.

For school lunch, every day he packs a beef and green chili burrito from costco, a raspberry yogurt, and a bowl of fruit.  Pears are his favorite.  He doesn't need a lot of variety.

He's still the peacemaker in our house.

Happy Birthday Big Red! We love you!

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