Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter!

Lena and Lenny, our next door neighbors and Carden's best friends, spent lots of time with us over Easter weekend. I don't know what Carden would do without them...

We decorated eggs on Friday. I let Carden put the little dye tablets in the bowls and didn't even think how much they looked like candy until he tried to eat one. Oops.

On Saturday we went to this big Easter event in Chandler. There was the egg hunt of course, and they had about five different bounce houses, a rock climbing wall, little sports activities and a bunch of other stuff.

Carden loved collecting the eggs, but loved the treats inside even more.

Josh, Lena, and Lenny all got inside these balls and had five minutes to slam into each other. Josh hit poor Lena so hard she fell right out. (she's only 11!). Afterwards, Josh and Lenny were literally soaked in sweat and it took Josh the rest of the day to recover. Not even kidding. He said it was the best workout.

Of course the train ride. Always a train ride. I think he went four times.