Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Dance!

Carden is an angel.  Seriously, he is a great kid.  He throws him some tantrums of course, but overall he's a pretty easy going kid.  I can't believe how easy it has been to transition him.  He stopped nursing with no problem, he "lost" his binky just after his second birthday and never cried over it or stopped sleeping, and now,   now, he just potty trained like it's no big deal.

I stuck him in underwear for a day and a half, he had a few pee accidents (but managed to avoid the carpet thank goodness!). He was zero for seven on the pooping though so I gave up and put him back in diapers, because poopy underwear is just about the grossest things I've ever dealt with.  But the next morning he started asking to go pee! on his own! in the potty! so I went out and bought him some hot wheels cars and that was the motivation to get him to go poo poo in the potty. He stays dry all night and through naps too.  I was dreading this for so long because of all of the horror stories I've been told by friends (one mom told me about her little girl who glared at her mom, took off her underwear and peed all over the carpet-ON PURPOSE.  Then, when the mom went to get some towels to clean it up, the girl jumped up on the MOM's bed and took a crap all over it-ON PURPOSE again. And the poor mom clogged her toilet with paper towels and overflowed the poopy water all over the bathroom. After that story I decided that there was absolutely nothing wrong with sending Carden to kindergarten in diapers.)

Good boy Carden.  Good boy.

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