Friday, January 13, 2012

David-9 months

David is actually 10 months now, so it's definitely time for an update. 9 month stats: Weight-18 lbs., Length 29 in. About 15th percetile for his age of 9 months.

David is still doing awesome. He is now FINALLY crawling after about 2 months of rocking on his knees and rolling around the whole house to get into everything. He is a much happier baby now that he can get around to everything. Although he is still a mama's boy and gets so mad at me if I walk by him without picking him up.

David is a grabber and a pincher. Nothing is safe around him. He knocked over an entire bowl of cereal and has dumped over his own food more times than I can count. Seriously, it takes less than a second for me to turn my back for him to grab whatever I had and chuck it.


David loves his big brother and I just love to watch them. He laughs and laughs at Carden. Even when Carden is climbing all over him and stepping on him or rolling over him, he still smiles when I think he should be crying.

David already loves cars, trucks, and trains. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Carden. He will scoot/roll over to the tile and push the little cars back and forth.

Lovin some dada time

He is doing awesome with his helmet. Well, he doesn't complain about it, but his head hasn't grown since we got it, so it still looks the same. Grow baby grow!