Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 weeks and counting....

I've been really bad about blogging this pregnancy. I don't know if it's because of the move or the one year old who thinks he's two and throws WAAAY too many tantrums and all of a sudden decided to boycott FOOD, but it just is hard to find the time and energy to blog. But I'm going to try and be better! And show you some belly pics!

I have once again had a very easy pregnancy. I was sick one day during the first trimester, felt great all through the second, and am still doing good now. My hair and skin are awesome again, no food aversions this time ( I couldn't eat chicken, spicy foods, or orange juice with Carden), reflux just started a couple of weeks ago (I had it from day one with Carden) and so far I still have energy and don't feel too much like a whale. I hope we have a girl one day just so I can see if there is a difference, or if I'm just lucky.

Here I am at 30 weeks with nameless baby:

And just to compare, here's one of me with Carden at 30 weeks:

Good to see my veins are popping out all sicknast again.


Jathan and Heather said...

30 weeks?! I can't even believe it! You look great! Probably smaller than you were the first time? yeah, cause that happens often. Leslie has only gained like 5 lbs this pregnancy. I hate you ALL!! ;) Miss you larsipoo! Glad the pregnancy is going so well... lucky!

Whitney said...

are you really 30 weeks? Didnt you just say you were pregnant? Fastest Pregnancy of me life.

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