Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All about Carden

I can't believe that this kid is almost 17 months now. Only one more month until nursery! Wahoo!

A few updates:

While we were in Utah, his language literally exploded and he now tries to say everything we do. He learns new words almost everyday and is still learning and using new signs as well. He loves to make animal noises (I think ducks are his favorite, since we have ducks at the park) and gets really excited whenever he sees an animal. I'm pretty sure he gets that from Josh.
He has been folding his arms whenever we say the word prayer for a couple of months now and we still think it's just about the cutest thing ever.

He is very good at sharing, as long as it's with Maggie. I'm a little embarassed to admit just how much food the two of them share. She is starting to get a little chunky thanks to him. He also opens his mouth really wide and tries to get her to lick his mouth. Disgusting I know and I try to stop it every time I see it happen.

His obsession with water makes me very glad we don't have a pool, at least until summer comes. He pretty much asks to wash his hands about 10 times every hour and gets very upset if I don't let him. Yesterday I was cleaning the tub and he tried so hard to lean in and get the water that he made himself throw up from all of the pressure on his stomach. He has also fallen headfirst into the bathtub three times now trying to get toys or turn on the water. Seriously obsessed.

He loves other kids. Any age. He has no idea that he is little. The only time he's ok with me leaving him is when there are other kids around.

He is becoming a daddy's boy, which would be a good thing if only Josh weren't so busy doing house projects. There are times when apparently I'm the worst thing in the world and he screams and screams until Josh can take him.

He imitates EVERYTHING, which is not a good thing when you are working on a house. We have outlet covers everywhere, but he still tries to stick anything and everything he can into a socket. He knows what to do with a hammer, painbrush, screwdriver, basically any tool that he's has seen Josh use. It's pretty funny to watch him try and paint the walls.
He is obsessed with sticks or anything shaped like a stick. He got a toy mop and broom for christmas which was great at first but have since been confiscated due to his love to chase and accidently hit Maggie with thim.

A few pictures:
Still cheesy!

And still loves food (especially whipped cream)!

Playing with the stair gate. He loved it!

What? I didn't do it?

So cool.

He kept on trying to put the glasses on himself. The best was when he pushed them on his neck so hard he gagged.

A box. The greatest toy ever.


Wendi said...

I love how you feed him whip cream. I"m sure it is one of Maggie's favorites too.

Karin said...

My nephew is the cutest kid in the world!

nomadic gnome said...

hilarious, larsie. my favorite part of this post is where you say that carden gets his love of animals from josh. haha.

Jathan and Heather said...

More pictures, please =) Miss you guys!!