Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yay for awkward people!

So I was at work the other day and this lady comes up to me:

Lady:  Are you pregnant?
Me:  (Smiling) Yep!
Lady:  I thought so. You're usually thin and today you're not.
Me:  (Blink.  Blink.) Oh.  Um.  Thank you.

I've heard all of my other friends share their stories of mean people who just don't think before they speak, but I hadn't expected to get it so soon.  I'm only 13 weeks woman!


Eric, Lexi and Reagan said...

Haha, you're going to to have a whole slew of things like that happen to you by the time your 9 months! I can't say you get use to it and it definitely gets worse the "bigger" you get ; )

Sheri King said...

The best is when you get that when you're not pregnant. Okay, it sucks actually...

Congrats, we can't wait to meet your little guy (?)! We'll see you and your cute belly next week.

P.S. Did you see TAMN had her babies?

Whitney said...

oh honey... Shes retarded. There is no way you look pregnant at 13 weeks.You know how I feel about people and their rude comments to pregnant woman.

Shelly said...

Hey Lars! :) CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for ya. You'll be such a fun mom. So sorry about all the throwing up. It sucks! Oh, and the comments.... all the comments. I was working in that hospital and had a dirty old man ask me if I got bit by the trouser snake. OK, it's kinda funny but not coming from a dirty old man!

nomadic gnome said...

ha. i just did a post in your honor. love you girlie.

king Sharon said...

I am one of those who asked a lady she was pregnant. After all she was of age that the possibility is real. It is what you say after learning she isn't that makes you want to go and throw-up. But that cannot even take the words back.

I am not asked that question now that I am almost 60, but now I get asked at the stores if I have signed up for the senior citizen card.

I am not sure which is worse!