Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's a............??????

Disappointed.  That's all I can say.  We had our ultrasound today and were so excited to be positive about what we're having.  And of course, the little stinker had his (her?) legs crossed THE ENTIRE TIME AND DID NOT WANT TO MOVE AT ALL, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  Nice.  And here I told everyone that we would know for sure after today and I was all ready to go shopping with my mom so she could get a head start on spoiling this kid.  

The technician was able to get one shot where she thought that maybe it was a boy, but she would absolutely not guarantee anything.  So, we get to wait another 4 weeks until my next ultrasound.   Apparently, I may have placenta previa so they want to check again in a month to make sure everything has moved where it's supposed to go.  That will be 4 ultrasounds before I'm 22 weeks. Luckily,  I do love me some ultrasounds, so no complaints here :)  

The good news is that the baby looks healthy and his brain is the right size and he has four arms and legs, so really we're just happy that everything looks good.  I think this is just how I'm being forced to learn patience :(  Sigh.


Julia said...

Are you sure you don't just want to wait until you've birthed the child? You've gone so long without knowing... You can do it!

Marcus, Angie & Bug said...

four arms and legs? or just two of each? did you ever send that wii remote? i haven't received it if you have. just wondering in case you were waiting for me to return it. just wait til you get to do the glucose screen yuck! i have to do it in the morning.

Jathan and Heather said...

WHAT!! I can't wait either... you should go to fetal photo... that's what we did when my doc said he was only 93% sure it was a girl. I needed a 100% to be satisfied and couldn't wait another 4 weeks. Well, whenever you go, you had better text me the good news.. or else!!!:) So excited for you guys!! Miss ya, Heath

Di said...

Ok, so what happened after this post and before your "it's officially a boy" text? I'm curious! Anyway, CONGRATS! Now you need to post belly pics. We need to see proof it's for real!