Sunday, July 13, 2008

I knew it, I knew it! Josh and I got callings today and I have the exact same calling as our last ward-Sunday School teacher for the 14 and 15 year olds. Grrrr. The only difference is that in our last ward, I knew it would only last for a year, cause we were planning on moving. But now it could be years before I get released this time!

And Josh pretty much has the same calling as well. Except this time he's the cub scout leader. Hehe. We'll see how he does with all the eight year olds!

So today in church we had to give talks on the pioneers. And in the program they listed me as Brother Lars. That's never happened before. So funny.

Maggie finally learned how to climb up the stairs and was so excited. So Josh decided to teach her how to get down them. She started at the top and made it down two before she rolled the rest of the way down, hitting every stair. Poor girl, I just wish we had recorded it.


Marcus, Angie & Ellie said...

fun see...maggie is training you for aren't much different, you try to teach them things and then they hurt themselves and you wish you could've filmed it anyway to laugh at later.'ll be ready for a babe in no time!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we need to see weekly updates of Maggie to see how she is growing up. right. She'll be grown up before you know it.

DeeAura said...

Brother Lars!!!! Hahahahah!!! I love that. :) Just so you know you are in good company: My bishop was having the ward sustain me about two years ago to be the teacher development teacher (when they still had that calling...) and he said "Brother DeeAura Thompson." The whole ward was laughing as I stood up, against everything inside me. Lol.
But it doesn't end there. My first day on my mission in Nauvoo...they were handing out these folders with a bunch of information for all of us who had just arrived, and they called "Elder Thompson"...and I froze...looking around for some Elder who HAD to have the last name Thompson. After a few awkward moments, and the mission president calling "Elder Thompson" a few more times, I realized it was me and stood up to go get my folder. MUCH to my chagrin. :)

Julia said...

I demand more pictures of Maggie. I have to know how my little "niece" is growing up here. :)