Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Time

The King's had their family reunion at Zion National Park this year. Everyone was able to come this year, including the two newest additions to the family, Maggie and Bear. (BTW, everyone loved them, because they are SO CUTE. Especially Maggie.)

We stayed at this awesome cabin, hiked around the Park, and stayed up all night playing Rock Band and Bananagram (the best version of scrabble ever).

Here's the whole family, complete with our cute dogs!

Aw, what a cute family!:

One night we had a pie eating contest. Here are all the contestants:

Here we are after the contest.

Maggie is scared to death of water. But Josh finally convinced her to get her feet wet in a stream. She was barking and crying the whole time.

We went on a hike and our niece Sophie was posing at every chance she got. Perfect model!

So, family reunion = fun. We should do this again sometime.


Diana said...

Lars! How's your skin? Are you still getting rashes from your cute puppy? Hope not. The reunion looks like it was a blast. Haven't had a big one like that for a long time.

Jathan and Heather said...

so close... but still so far away. We're excited for Labor Day! Wahoo :)
are you guys brining the pup? Oh' and who won the pie eating contest?

Zach and Whitney said...

Maggie and Zoey need to play. Isnt it crazy how a dog becomes your child and then all of a sudden it comes with your everywhere? We need to get together. Im missing you guys.

Marcus, Angie & Ellie said...

that looks fun! you were mostly here! it doesn't look like you won the pie contest (cleanest face)