Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ok, ok, I'm back

After having at least 20 people (well, like 3) complain to me about not posting pictures of our new house, I finally decided to do something about it. So I grabbed my camera and went around the house.

Our first project was removing our weed trees. Here is our backyard before:

(I know they don't look like much, but they were seriously bigger than me. Like trees I tell you!)

And here is our pretty backyard now!

(well, "pretty" except for the massive dead spot of grass. We just can't get it to turn green!)

We decided we were too lazy to paint all of the house, so hired a painter to take care of the front room and kitchen/family room area.


The red almost looks good in this picture, but it really wasn't. Every single wall was red and it was a crappy paint job.

And now...

(yeah, the kitchen still needs a lot of work. Ugly yellow cupboards. Blech! We're hoping to remodel for Christmas).

Isn't it so warm and homey? And we love our new couches (Finally! After two weeks of sitting on the carpet).

And this is our storage room. We realized the other day that we had unpacked most of our stuff, but we don't have a single empty box. I still don't know where we got all this crap from!

So, I still need to do tons of decorating and get some color in this place! Jules--you planning on coming out here to help? You promised!


Marcus, Angie & Ellie said...

cool! that looks good! hope you are enjoying/loving your new home!

DeeAura said...

yahooo!!!!!!! Lars, it looks so great!!! And what a transformation...backyard AND red paint. :) I'm so excited for you. :)

jathan & Heather said...

Nice pics.. what about the pics of the outside of the house? Congrats yall. Jay

Josh said...

the outside hasn't changed at all. it's the house i posted pics of before.

DangGina said...

What fun, Laura! -Well, parts of it...like the "owning a home" portion. Moving sucks, and renovation sucks equally. At least it's coming together quite nicely.

I just moved into a new townhouse the end of May. (Brand new, so no renovations, thank heaven.) However...with the sudden increase in temperature, our lawn is having issues being (and staying) green. I've come up with a nice little remedy. One that takes about 30 minutes out of my day.

Okay, here goes: before the sun comes up, or after it's gone down...(basically when it's not so hot that the water is gonna evaporate), I go out and water the dead spots by hand. The green patches stay green, for some reason. Anyway, watering by hand isn't so bad, and the yellow patches are now a light shade of green.

Ok, so maybe it takes 40 minutes. But it's a good way for me to get a little extra sun on my pasty-whitey whiteness. (This, obviously, is not your problem.) Give it a try and see if you can revive the dying grass, perhaps? It's worked really well for me.