Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm basically unemployed right now.

So why, you might ask, haven't I been blogging more? Well, it's like this. My life is so consumed with Judge Judy, Montell, and Maurey, that I simply cannot find the time. Ok, that's not entirely true (except for Judge Judy), but it is amazing how I don't want to do anything when I have so much time! But seriously, the house still has so much to do. We're still not done painting and every time I walk by the mess that is our storage room I want to cry cause it's pretty much all my stuff that I don't know what to do with! It is nice to have a break from work though...

I'm working in a high school next year. And I'm a little bit nervous. Last year I worked at a school with grades K-8 and one day I had to go upstairs, but I could hear all of the eighth grade students out in the hall and I was too scared to go up there, so I hid in a doorway until they were in their classroom, so how on earth will I survive in a high school with over 2,000 students where I have to pass them in the hall EVERYDAY? AAHHHH! (and how was that for a run-on sentence?) Someone told me that everyone will just think I'm another student. And that was just about the best compliment ever. Because I'd like to think that I still look like I could be in high school.

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Robbins Family said...

Hey Lars (and Josh), we found you blog stalking. I am glad that you are loving your new home, your transformations look great. It will be a great sense of accomplishment when you are all done!! Isn't it crazy how little you accomplish when you have so much time! It looks like you have started a trend I hear there has been a mass exodus from Tempe 10th. Well, come check out our blog if you're not too busy :)