Friday, September 21, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!!

You know those ads you hear on the radio about viewing a time share and then they put you up in a hotel for the weekend for free and give you all sorts of free stuff? Whenever I hear them, I usually think yeah right, like that's real. Well, guess what? It totally is!! Josh signed us up to tour this time share in Vegas. In return for taking three hours to see their building and stuff, we got a three nights stay at the Hilton and $100 in free gas. Awesome, huh? Seriously, you need to do it. (and when you complain about the maids walking in on you without knocking, you get free buffet tickets!)

The best part is, when you get on the bus to go on your tour, you get a totally AWESOME boarding pass that lets you know just how important you are:

Josh thought he was special, but I knew I was the REAL VIP:

These are pretty much the only pictures we took on our whole trip, because no one wants to see pictures of Josh sitting in the hotel room watching football games ALL DAY LONG.

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