Sunday, December 31, 2017

Utah Trip-July

We had a family reunion this summer and spent a week in Utah.  The kids looved Utah.  I wish it wasn't so dang cold in the winter!

Raspberry picking at Great Grandma's was a hit!

Swinging at the church by great-grandma's house.

We also stayed with my friend in Logan for a couple of days.  We tubed the Logan canal and thought our bums were going to freeze right off.  I've never been in colder water.  Straight from melted snow up Logan Canyon. We kayaked in Tony Grove up Logan Canyon.  And we spent a lot of time hanging out at her house.  With a huge tree house, tree swings, trees to climb, a trampoline and a balance rope, it was a kid paradise. 

We also went up by Park City for the King family reunion.  Lots of time with cousins, playing in the river, and riding motorcycles.  

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