Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pre baseball practice donuts

We went a little crazy with sports this year.  Ok, just having 4 kids makes sports crazy.  Tanner wanted to play soccer, Carden signed up for football and David played baseball and mom drove everyone everywhere and then drove herself crazy.  

We tried to make life easier by not driving home after school, just to immediately drive back out to the same area for practice.  So we discovered lots of parks and Dunkin' Donuts became our favorite donut shop.  OK, any donut shop is our favorite. 

David loved, loved baseball and really improved.  He started coach pitch and could hit the ball before he stuck out almost every time.  

Tanner only wanted to play soccer for the snacks and he lucked out because he joined a team that was crazy ridiculous about the snacks.  A 30 minutes soccer game had to have 2 separate parents bring treats.  One time he came home with a gatorade, a chocolate milk, a donut, a cutie tangerine, and a pack of the grandma's frosted animal crackers.  All for walking around a field and following the crowd.  He didn't even want to play soccer, he threw fits about it until snack time.  Nice. Oh, and then the coach went a-wall and took all of the medals and pictures never to be heard of again.  Crazy.

Carden played football and had an awesome coach and team and then broke his collarbone within the first half of the first game.  So then he was out for the rest of the season.  Poor kid.  I know I have pictures of these kids somewhere, but all I can find is the donut shop.

Tanner pretty much just eats the frosting.  They should just sell a cup of that, rather than buying a donut for him.


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