Saturday, February 11, 2017

Carden turned 7!

How did I forget to post this? Carden turned 7 forever ago! And being the kid that he is, all he wanted was a lego birthday party.  Thank goodness for Winco bulk candies!  He was pretty happy with this lego building cake, and I think it turned out ok.  We built lego cars and raced them down a track, played minute to win it games, and had cake and ice cream.  Overall it was fun, but I learned that we had too many kids for such hot weekend! No on wanted to play outside and it was waaaay to crowded in our house.  

Some things about this big kid:

He is in the first grade, which is now in the lower elementary classroom at his Montessori.  
It was big big transition to the classroom, much harder than I thought it would be.  He went from being the oldest to the youngest and he struggled with finding his place at first, but now he loves it. 

He has only lost one more tooth.  He lost his bottom two when he was five and just barely lost one top one.

He loves egg sandwiches.  He asks for them every day for breakfast.  Toast with butter and scrambled egg on top.

He loves to play soccer and dodgeball for recess. 

He is a great great reader, although he doesn't like to read at home or with me.  

Science and math are still his favorites.  He loves rock and volcanoes and any natural disaster really. 

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is his favorite, just like me :)

His best friends are Michelle and Uzo who live across the cul de sac.  Lots of time with friends now. 

He thinks he still loves the things he did before, but then finds out he's getting to big for them.  We went to Vertuccios Farms this year, which was something he waited for all year, he loved it so much. This year, he became bored with the activities. I think he surprised himself how much he grew up.  I don't think he ever thought he would outgrow a train ride.