Monday, September 8, 2014

Tanner-9 months

I'm a little behind on this, and I'm tired of his well-visit paperwork on the counter, so it's time for me to blog!

Tanner at 9 months:
Length: 28.5 in- 52%
Weight:18 lbs., 2 oz- 28%

So this crazy kid grew 4 inches since his last check up. I thought for sure the nurse's assistant made a mistake so I measured him again at home and he did in fact have a huge growth spurt.

Let's see what else he's been up to...

Walking! Tanner started taking his first steps while we were in Utah and 9 1/2 month.  He was officially walking a couple days before he turned 10 months.  And I haven't had a chance to sit down since then.

He loves to throw his toys in the garbage and the toilet, and any bucket/box he can get his hands on.

He still isn't sure about the whole food thing, but is definitely making progress.  He likes spaghetti, lasagna, yogurt, and pasta salad.  I'm afraid I have a carbs lover.

He loves the stairs.  One day I was doing laundry and Josh was downstairs with the kids.  I didn't realize he came up and I hear David talking so went to investigate.  David had moved the ottoman blocking the stairs and was coaching him all the way to the top of the stairs.  "come on Tanner you can do it!" In my panic I didn't appreciate just how cute it was.  He's now learning how to go down as well.

He thinks the dishwasher is awesome.

He loves to be the "scary sea monster" and chase after his brothers while they run screaming from him.

Have I mentioned he loves the toilet?  Like a lot.  He is my only kid to spend this much time with his hands in the toiler.  Gross.

He still wakes up several times a night.  Boo.

But look at this face.  How can you get mad at this?

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