Saturday, May 10, 2014

6 months for the Tan-man

Weight: 16.7 lbs.- 25%
Length: 26 in - 17%

He's almost 7 months now and has two more teeth.  So we officially have a little peanut with waaaay too many teeth.

Here's what he's been up to:
Rolling all around the house, down the halls, into the closets.

Around 5 months he started army scooting everywhere.  He always wears pants so his little knees don't get so scraped up.

He loves paper.  Especially if it's been colored on by his big brothers.  Carden and David are quickly learning to keep things off of the floor or else they will be eaten.

He drools constantly because of all of the teething, but is finally starting to spit up less.

He's not sure sure about this whole eating food business.  So far he is not a fan of bananas, carrots, or peas.  He will eat squash, sweet potatoes, green beans and oatmeal. Weird baby.

He is the happiest baby with a huge grin.  I think it's cause he still gets to sleep with mom every night.

He loves his jumperoo, but if that's not around, no big deal, whoever is holding him will work just fine. He will make you jump him in your arms for hours it seems.

Coos and gives kisses.


Anonymous said...

He shore is a cute little bugger. Thanks for the pix.


Anonymous said...

Did he enjoy his camping trip to the cabin?