Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carden update


He is just a little obsessed with the first movie. And now that the second one is out and every store is filled with 40 isles of cars stuff, shopping with him is an absolute nightmare.

Carden is almost two now and I just can't believe it! Every day this kid surprises me with the things he can do! I refer to him as a constant wave of destruction and he really truly is. Our house is always torn apart and about 80% of it can be blamed on him. He definitely keeps me busy!

He loves to take things apart. Somehow he discovered that pens (like bic pens) have two parts to them, so now I am always grabbing a pen just to find that the ink has been removed from it. I have no idea how he discovered this or how he manages to take it out.

He loves to help mama fold laundry, meaning that I fold it and he grabs handfuls of it and runs it back to the dryer. I pretty much have to put away one item at a time, because once it is folded he makes a run for it to "help" me.

He has been able to remove the outlet plugs since he was about 16 months old. I can't even take these off! One day, he grabbed the vacuum, moved it to the living room, took out the outlet plug and plugged in the vacuum in and pretended he was cleaning. This was a couple months ago and I couldn't even get after him I was so surprised.

He loves pushing the kitchen chairs around the house to get whatever it is he wants. There will be times when all four chairs are in a different room in the house. He is now able to push a chair over to the front door and unlock it to make an escape. We have a chime whenever the door opens now, but it's definitly time to add another lock.

He LOVES his baby brother and always wants to know where he is. If David is crying, he tries to pick him up and he always asks to hold him. he loves to point out all of David's body parts and repeats them again and again. Eyes. Eyes. Eyes. He will say the same one over and over until you acknowledge that yes. David has eyes too.

such as big boy now!


Marcus, Angie & Bug said...

sounds like fynners. so tiring!!! except she draws on the walls and tables with the pens she always happens to have no matter how many i've hidden up high! smart to get a chime on the door! have fun! :)

Wendi said...

LIttle boys are so wild. Next he will be taking David on his adventures...

Marie Sullivan said...

I know I am biased because I have two, but I love hearing about little boys!

Whitney said...

I think Presley was supposed to be a boy. She is Destructive too. May you be warned though... Presley went to bed on her 2nd birthday destructive but angelic but the next day... was a different story.