Friday, October 15, 2010

My Favorite Things (for now anyway)

Getting into drawers:

Tantrums when I can't play with things I find in drawers:

A pizza pan (I don't get it either):

He carries it everywhere

Checking out his hair in his reflection

Throwing things in the bathtub:

A puppy on a string:

The Dishwasher:



Wendi said...

I love the last picture! His bathtub collection is pretty impressive. Did you hide the toilet paper or something? That is one of the coolest things ever made for little boys

Jathan and Heather said...

Gotta love the little trouble makers! Seriously tho, why do they carry around the MOST random items. They be crazy! =) Miss you. Thanks for the call... I promise I'll call back. I would right now, but it's a little late.

Tanner and Chelsey said...

Oh Laura, he is getting soooo big!! When are you coming out again, I would love to see you. Are you still at grandmas or whats the latest with all of that? Carden is a cutie and is learning all of the fun things that little boys love:)

Whitney said...

All these things look SO familiar. Dont worry it gets worse. Presley likes to get into my makeup now when Im not looking. stinker. Can we play soon? Maybe a park date?