Friday, May 21, 2010


First time at the park! And judging by his face, I think he might like it.

Riding a chipmunk is apparently not as much fun as the swing. Who knew?

Josh bought a tripod and remote for our camera for an anniversary present, so now we can take pictures on our own. Good thing cause Grandma kept cutting off our heads :)

Today I went and visited some of my former coworkers. I also visited them when Carden was about 3 months old and back then no one said anything about his head/hair. But this time EVERYONE commented about my little redhead. SO, I'm pretty sure he is officially a redhead. Well, once he gets hair that is. Which will happen in about two years. Maybe three. Poor kid.


MG said...

And if he takes after his grandfather, he will start losing his hair at about age 25.

Bud & Kim said...

Ha, ha! He's getting so big. :-)