Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Unbirthday!

I seriously can't believe that Carden is 6 months old. Holy crap, he'll be one before I know it! After his check-up from the doctor, it's official that I still have a fat baby. 18 lbs, 10 oz. It's no wonder that I have back aches all day long. Especially since he loves to scream as soon as I put him down and don't even think about leaving him alone in a room!

Um, hi fat rolls!

Carden's favorite things to do include screaming as soon as I put him in the car seat and then screaming the entire car ride-2 minutes or 20-it doesn't make any difference. He'll scream until I take him out and then yay! I'm so happy! I love life!!

He also loves wiping his nose all over my shoulder. All of the sleeves on my shirts are now ruined, since he spits up still and it's now very colorful. When I'm carrying him on my hip, he'll shoves his face in my shoulder and then rub his nose back and forth about every 30 seconds. Seriously, don't get it.

He also loves to be thrown in the air (not more than a couple of inches Sharon! Calm down!), held upside down, kissed all over, and tickled. He is so ticklish and I love to hear him laugh. Oh and he'll play peek-a-boo with himself for MINUTES! He just laughs and laughs when he uncovers his face. It's pretty funny. I need to be better about getting it recorded. And he now officially loves food. He's only had vegetables and rice cereal so far but he loves them all (no comments Heath!). He may like diet coke as well. That's still up for debate, but you'll have to talk to Josh about that one.


Bud & Kim said...

He's so cute and getting so big. :-)

Whitney said...

It goes by way to fast!!

Knapp Time said...

He is so cute! And holy cow, our 13 month old is barely pushing 19 pounds. You must be getting some serious biceps. We might be heading your way next week. Tyson would loves to meet Carden if we do.

Tanner and Chelsey said...

What a beautiful little boy!! Its amazing how fast time flies. My baby boy is 5, ya it makes me cry that he will be starting kindergarten:(

I love the chubby rolls, so cute!

Wendi said...

I would say you must be getting tough! Good thing he is really cute.