Thursday, November 5, 2009

Six Weeks

This is how Carden feels about turning 6 weeks old today:

I know, it's upsetting to me as well. I can't believe how fast time goes!

Carden had his one month appointment last Thursday. He was 10 lbs, 7 oz then, so now I'm pretty sure he's at the 11 lb mark.

Last Sunday, Josh said there was a baby blessing of a little boy who was about the same age as Carden. And his name was CARDON! I'm so mad. We chose this name knowing there wouldn't be very many Cardens, and to meet one so soon and in our own ward just makes me mad. GRRRR.


Marcus, Angie & Bug said...

wow! 6 weeks and i still haven't actually talked to you! sorry. soon, i promise! hope everything is going well!

Karin said...

Haven't you told him he's only allowed to grow when I'm there to watch? He not supposed to get big without me!!

;) Karin

Whitney said...

it goes by so fast. brace yourself. Im dieing about maggie and carden both in diapers. So funny.