Sunday, April 27, 2008

We got our house!

Maybe.  Sort of.  We think?  So our offer on the house was accepted.  And we're supposed to close on May 15th.  But this is a short sale and everyone warned us that short sales could be difficult.  The bank just barely came back with some addendums, or whatever they are, which meant our inspection had to be pushed back.  And they still haven't turned on the water or the electricity for the inspection, which means it could be pushed back even further.  So hopefully everything will work out so that we can start moving by the end of May.  Wahoo!

We've already started looking at carpet and paint and a fridge and a washer/dryer and new cabinets and I'm so excited for some new things!  No more crappy apartment!  So anyone wanna come down and help us paint??  Julie, Heath, Mom, Dad-you know you want to!


Zach and Whitney said...

please dont leave us:(

grandma king said...

The best part of this new house is you are closer to your in-laws! Yipee. It was fun reading of your 'inner thoughts' of life experiences.