Thursday, October 11, 2007

I've been at my job for one year now and have had three bosses so far. Seriously, what kind of a company do I work for?

My first boss, I swear she suffered from short term memory loss. Then she'd blame me when she couldn't remember what was going on. AND she was the moodiest person ever, so everyday I had to see what mood she was in before I could talk to her. She was essentially fired about 4 months after I started.

My next boss was awesome, but unfortunately didn't have the personality type to deal with all of the stress from her bosses. So she left after 6 months.

My current boss, well, let's just say boss #1 is looking pretty good right now. You know how frustrated you get when you call your cell phone customer service center? You always get someone who barely speaks English, then finally end up hanging up in frustration. Well, that's what it's like everyday at work now. Except I can't hang up and instead we end up yelling at each other. He speaks english well enough to understand me, but for some reason the communication is not happening the way it should. My coworker seems to be fighting with him a lot more that I do, so it's not just me. So frustrating. I can't decide if he just doesn't understand what we're saying or if he chooses to interpret it in a different way, just for the sake of arguing with us. Either way, I'm just not used to fighting with people. I'm starting to develop ulcers.

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