Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The two greatest moments in my career as a speech therapist thus far:

1. Watching one of my patients gather all the saliva in his mouth that he can, spit it on the carpet, and then SUCK IT BACK INTO HIS MOUTH!!

2. Imitating the sounds of a severely disabled little girl, forgetting that I have gum and accidently dropping it into HER mouth, while her mother watched it all. So embarassing.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm doing this, and then I get a day like yesterday, where I worked one hour out of a ten hour day and got payed to surf the web and cut off my split ends for the other nine. Excellent!


nomadic gnome said...

#2: Gross.

Whatever. You totally missed #3: Going on a date with your patient in college. Hahaha. What is the matter with you? Watch out for her, Joshy!!

Eric said...

Maybe you should do a joint session with the two patients. It sounds like the spitting and slurping could make an interesting group setting.